Accessing Asynchronous Material

Most registrations for DHSI 2023 include access as an auditor to asynchronous workshop material for most offerings that you can explore at your own pace. Please note that auditor access doesn’t become available until the latter part of DHSI. Once it’s available, follow the instructions below to gain access.

1) Check your email

The auditor material will be available to download via a link shared in an email. Keep an eye on emails pertaining to DHSI, so you don’t miss it!    

2) Click the link

The link in your email will give you access to several workshop folders, all with specially curated workshop content for you to engage with asynchronously. There’s a lot to choose from, so the link will stay live for a few weeks so that you can come back to what you’re interested in.   

3) Download workshop materials

Once you’ve chosen some workshops to audit, you can download the workshop content. That way you can take as long as you’d like to go through, and reference it later. Just right click on the folder or file you want to download and make sure to save it somewhere safe. 

We have limited bandwidth, so please do not download all of the workshop content you are interested in all at once. 

Important: Any materials (such as videos, documents, readings, and beyond) are intended for registrant use only, not for recirculation.

If someone you know is interested in the workshop materials, please invite them to complete the free registration for their own auditor access! 

Please direct any questions about DHSI workshop auditing to