After several years of adjusting in-person plans and three successful years of online editions, we are excited to announce that DHSI 2023 will be offered in a hybrid format!  We’re grateful for all members of our community who were so helpful in all our planning, and DHSI offerings, across the last few years and in anticipation of the 2023 offering to come!!

Statement of Ethics & Inclusion

Please review the DHSI Statement of Ethics & Inclusion. DHSI is dedicated to offering a safe, respectful, friendly, and collegial environment for the benefit of everyone who attends and for the advancement of the interests that bring us together. There is no place at DHSI for harassment or intimidation of any kind.

Accessibility & Social Media Guidelines

To ensure everyone can enjoy and access all of the offerings at DHSI, we encourage everyone taking part in DHSI to take at a look at our Accessibility & Social Media Guidelines. You’ll also find some helpful resources for creating presentations, posters, and more!



There are many ways to take part in DHSI 2023, both in-person and online! Learn more about different registration options at the Registration & Fees page.


Thanks to the exceptional generosity of our sponsors and partners, we are able to offer a number of scholarships for the DHSI 2023. For more information about scholarships, please see the Scholarships & Bursaries page.

DHSI On Campus

5-9 June 2023

DHSI is back in person! For the first week, 5-9 June we are excited to host DHSI at the University of Victoria campus where we are based. Join us in Victoria, BC for on-campus courses, aligned conferences & events, and 2 on campus institute lectures. If you can’t make it in person, don’t worry! We have virtual offerings in the second week of DHSI, 12-16 June, available too. Week 1 DHSI Institute Lectures will also be recorded and made available for those who cannot make it in person.

On Campus Courses

We are pleased to offer 25 courses on the University of Victoria campus at DHSI 2023. Courses run everyday during the on-campus week of DHSI. Please see the list of available courses here.

On Campus Aligned Conferences & Events

We have several conferences and events planned for DHSI 2023 featuring different subtopics of the digital humanities. The below listed conferences and events will be hosted live on campus at the University of Victoria.

  • Historic Computing Lab Open House
  • Conference & Colloquium
  • Building Digital Communities in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • #GraphPoem

Please see the timetable for more details about where and when these activities will be held. 

Institute Lectures (on campus)

Andie Silva

Making Space for Affect, Co-Creation, and Care in Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Chris Friend

Teaching with Empathy in Physical, Hybrid, and Virtual Spaces

DHSI Online

12-16 June 2023

We want DHSI to be open and accessible, so this year we have an exclusively online week of DHSI packed with online workshops, online lectures, online events and more!

Online Workshops

We are pleased to offer over 36 online workshops at DHSI 2023 — Online. Workshops run at varying times throughout the second week of DHSI, all held online. Options for both live virtual participation and asynchronous auditing are available. 

Live Participation

Choose from 17 online workshops for live participation. Sessions will be held virtually throughout the 12-16 June.


Asynchronous Auditing

We have 25 courses and over 30 workshops available for asynchronous auditing. As an auditor, you can access as many workshops in this way as you’d like and engage with the content at your own pace.

Online Aligned Conferences & Events

The following conferences will take place throughout the online week of DHSI 2023:

  • Open/Social/Digital Humanities Pedagogy, Training, and Mentorship
  • Conference & Colloquium
  • Project Management in the Humanities
  • Open, Digital, Collaborative Project Preservation in the Humanities

Please see the timetable for more details about where and when these activities will be held. 

Institute Lectures (online)

We have the pleasure of hosting 3 online institute lectures during the online edition of DHSI this year. Online lectures are free at DHSI 2023! Check out registration options for more info.

Gimena del Rio Riande

Is there Something Like Open Digital Humanities?

Edmond Chang

Alan, Ada, Purna: Why are the Digital Humanities So Straight?

Lai-Tze Fan

Playing an Imitation Game with Apple’s Siri: E.Q, I.Q., and the Gendered Design of Artificial and Automated Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about this year’s DHSI, please see the FAQ page. If after reviewing these pages you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at


View the schedule of events for DHSI 2023 here.