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Conference & Colloquium | Online, Day 4

Conference chair: Caroline Winter (UVic) This conference takes place throughout both the on campus and online week of DHSI. Please see the dates below. On Campus 4:00pm – 5:00 pm PDT Tuesday, 6 June and Thursday, 8 June Online 10:00am – 12:00 pm PDT Tuesday, 13 June and Friday, 16 June Since 2009, the DHSI […]

Online Lecture: Lai-Tze Fan


The Turing Test—a thought experiment in which a human and a computer both try to convince an interrogator that they are human—is actually based on another thought experiment by Alan Turing, the Imitation Game—in which a man and woman both try to convince an interrogator that they are a woman. Why is it significant that […]

Open, Digital, Collaborative Project Preservation in the Humanities

Conference chair: Luis Meneses (Vancouver Island U) Open digital collaborative scholarship in the Arts and Humanities is significant for facilitating public access to and engagement with research, and as a mechanism of growing the digital scholarly infrastructure. But the path to adopting open, collaborative, digital scholarship has been challenging, not least of all due to […]